Technical sales representative


5 years of experience in the hotel industry and 5 years of professional experience selling marketing services to hotels (CRM, consulting, website, advertising, yield/revenue management, etc.)

A "Closer" also able to "hunt" for leads


BILINGUAL in English and French

And mastery of basic tools: Zoom, Google Drive, etc.

Telecommuting position


An empathetic person who knows how to listen, ask questions to identify a "pain point" and find the right tool to sell to solve this "pain point

An ambitious person, always looking for new challenges and goals, able to open a country, with a real ability to control the sales process and close


A person who integrates easily into a team

Able to learn a new sales method

Able to popularize complex technical concepts, translating and conveying them into simple and understandable topics for a newcomer 

An optimistic, outgoing, expansive, curious personality, interested in others and in serving customers well

A real ability to manage stress

Work ethic and professional conscience required

A taste for effort and a job well done

Go beyond what is expected

Proactive and energetic, initiative and autonomy 

Responsible and committed

A lot of honesty both internally and with prospects and clients; never lies


2. missions :

  • SELL
  • Use the company's values and methods to do so
  • Self-feed leads
  • Write emails
  • Make calls
  • Carry out product demos
  • Open markets (UK, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Latin America, etc.)
  • Advise independent hotels and groups on the benefits of CRM
  • Create and maintain a network of partners and others
  • Work on personal branding and assist in brand communication 
  • Understand business objectives and implement strategies and actions to achieve them
  • Have a minimum conversion rate of 25% (all leads combined)