Guest relation
Guest relation pack
Monthly fees
+ 1 € per room

All the tools you need to perfect your customer satisfaction. Anticipate their needs, make their life easier and discover all available improvement levers in your hotel

Before their stay

Welcome text and email

Pre-welcome form


Online pre-check-in


During their stay

Arrival form on a tablet

Advanced customer management

Quality control

Identification of VIPs and influencers

Development of B2B clientele


After their stay

Customer satisfaction survey

Advanced analysis

E-reputation management

Comment sharing on TripAdvisor and Google

Comment widget on your website


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CRM hotel pack
Monthly fees
+ 1 € per room

Combine both our packs to increase your ROI up to x31.

  • The "Guest relation" pack enables you to understand your customers better and enrich their profile with lots of marketing data;
  • The "Marketing" pack then uses all this information to design and send segmented, personalised email campaigns.

All the "customer satisfaction" pack tools

All the "marketing" pack tools

At an exclusive price

up to X


Increase your revenue and save time – the "Experience" hotel CRM is there for you and supports you constantly. You can now focus instead on meeting your customers' needs during their stay in your hotel

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Email campaign & revenue pack
Monthly fees
+ 1 € per room

Master the secrets of hotel email campaigns and increase the income from your business. Create your own campaigns, segment your customers and use our automated email scenarios to save time.


UDR (Centralised and unified guest database)

Marketing Analysis

Mailing list management


Email campaigns

Segmentation based on 40 criterions

Unlimited creation of personalised campaigns

Multilingual campaign management optimised for the hotel trade

Exact tracking of the generated revenue


Automated marketing

Library of 50 pre-built scenarios

Access to our base of 5,325 world events

Automatic customer perk management

Global conversion tracking per scenario

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*Variable room rate based on number of rooms, number of opening months and number of hotels in a group.