Plan & Pricing

What are the different services that Experience offers?

The four packages that are available are:

  • Welcome: if you have any doubts as to the benefits of implementing digital solutions to support you in managing your guests, the "Welcome" package will meet your needs. It tests the impact of these new technologies on your customer base at a trivial cost. 
  • Experience: the complete set of tools, before, during and after the stay, to provide a personalized experience to each and every one of your guests. From managing the initial check-in through to the satisfaction survey.
  • Fidelity: An authentic, fully automated customer loyalty strategy. You'll save the time it takes to manage your communications: Experience will handle everything for you. You can now devote your time to satisfying the needs of guests staying in your hotel.
  • Custom: If none of the packages above is suitable for your property, one of our Consultants will carry out a study into your requirements and will suggest a package that is fully adapted to meet your specific requirements.

Does the price of your package vary depending on the size of the hotel or its star rating?

No, prices do not vary based on the characteristics of the hotel. The work provided by Experience's support teams is very similar, whatever the size of the hotel. It would not, therefore, be fair for some hotels to pay more for the same amount of work.

What is the minimum commitment involved with your contracts?

Because we are certain that you will be convinced of the benefits of Experience solutions, none of our contracts features a minimum commitment.

What happens during the sales process?

Once you have contacted us by e-mail or phone, our case is allocated to one of our Consultants, who will get in touch with you.

Initially, the Consultant will provide an introduction to our company, our philosophy, and our range of products. You will then work together to define your requirements. The Consultant will then provide details of the most suitable tools to ensure a successful project outcome.

The Experience team treats each hotel as a unique, individual property, and therefore believes that it is vital to provide fully adapted, custom solutions.

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