28 Mar 2022

New connection!

We are now connected to KE Booking Channel Manager and PMS!

20 Mar 2022

New connection!

We have been connected to HotSoft PMS for a few years, we just made this connection evolve with more than 15 additional fields as well as 2 ways so that your guests data are instantly synchronized between your PMS and your CRM.

10 Mar 2022

2 Ways Apaleo

A new option now allows you to upload the information of the services ordered via the PreStay or the concierge service, in the Apaleo PMS.

23 Feb 2022

Test our interface!

You wish to test the interface, to have a preview of the PreStay or InStay dashboard to be processed, in order to know a little more about the Experience solution?
We now offer Test accounts for our partners and future customers so that they can have a real overview of its functioning.

20 Feb 2022

Relaunch your Pre-Stay emails

A new segmentation criterion now appears on your Customer Relationship emails. It will allow you to send a Pre-stay email to your guests if the first one has not been completed.

20 Feb 2022

The Experience Reviews API is evolving!

You can now retrieve the satisfaction averages from your surveys, over a selected date range. You are free to display them on your site in your own colors, or to save these data for analysis!

28 Jan 2022

Privilege, Tags & Benefits

Edit the benefits of your guests' Privilege badges today, so you can use them in your emails. But that's not all. New Tags are also available!

28 Jan 2022

Evolution in your transactional emailings

You already had the possibility, in your marketing campaigns, to exclude from your segmentation list guests with a future stay in your hotel.
This option is now also available in your transactional emailing system.

05 Jan 2022

PreStay, InStay, PostStay... for your Group!

Our new feature now allows hotel groups to send Pre/In/Post stay emails from a group account for all their hotels, or for a defined selection of hotels.

21 Dec 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to the Obehotel Channel Manager.

18 Octobre 2021

The pre-Check-In is completed!

Need to be informed as soon as a Pre-Check-In is completed? It is now possible, you can activate this notification in your personal settings. You will then receive an email for each completed Pre-Check-In.

24 September 2021

A new API at Experience

The last feature released concerns the display of Experience reviews, collected via your satisfaction surveys, on your website. An opportunity to (slightly) show off...

23 September 2021

Connection improvement

The connection with Thaïs PMS has evolved to integrate their brand new API!

23 September 2021

A brand new API

A new Experience Hotel API now allows retrieving all the reservations of a hotel or a group of hotels.

22 September 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to the PMS GHM, Hotel and Restaurant software.

17 September 2021

Conversion tracking on Google Analytics

The registration of a person to your newsletter via the Acquisition widget can now be recorded in Google Analytics or any other system tracking the behavior of Internet users. Practical, isn't it?

16 September 2021

Connection improvement

The connection to the EZee PMS, used by more than 22,000 properties worldwide, has been completely revised to take advantage of new features and retrieve more information!

13 August 2021

Connection improvement

The integration with the PMS Apaleo has evolved. On each reservation in Apaleo, a new tab, "CRM Experience," will give you the basic information about your traveler, as well as the list of reservations linked to him.

13 August 2021

Your Acquisition widget evolves

New in the Acquisition widget: you now have the possibility to send the person who subscribed to your newsletter to a specific page of your website via a confirmation message, with your colors, directly displayed on your website.

12 August 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to Zenchef, Channel Manager for restaurants, equipping more than 5,000 establishments.

06 August 2021

Something new in the Conciergerie

It is now possible to configure texts at the beginning and end of your Conciergerie page. For example, you can set a specific text for people who access the generic link (which does not offer services) and another one for connected customers (who received the link by email).

22 July 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to the Opera Cloud PMS!

19 July 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to Suite 8 PMS!

19 July 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to IQWare PMS!

13 July 2021

We thought of everything!

Here is a case that has happened more than once: you want to modify your Pre and Post stay emails and so you deactivate them momentarily, and then forget to reactivate them after having finished your modifications. This will no longer be a problem!
From now on, you will be automatically alerted in the Experience back-office when you have forgotten to reactivate your mails after a certain period of time.

13 July 2021

Your Pre-stay, Mid-stay and Post-stay emails are evolving

In 2018, we unveiled our Mail Builder, used to set up your Marketing campaigns. Your feedback on its features was so positive that we wanted to adapt it and offer it to you as well to manage your Pre-stay, Mid-stay and Post-stay emails, included in our Guest Relation Pack. That's some good news!

12 July 2021

Additional services on request!

You can now configure some of your additional services so that they are only offered to your guests at certain times of the year.

04 July 2021

On the Restaurants side...

Two new features for one:
Experience now allows you to manually add reservation-related information to your restaurants.
Another plus: our API is evolving! It now allows you to get information directly from your restaurants.

04 July 2021

Your new activity reports PDF

We recently informed you about the optimization of the activity reports for hotel groups (available in your account, under the "Group Activity" tab). From now on, you can also download these reports in PDF format in order to easily transfer them to your collaborators!

02 Jul 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to Expedy restaurant order management software!

02 Jul 2021

Your Stay space

We recently announced the release of our e-Conciergerie. This one has just been equipped with a new feature: the QR Code! Previously, each of your guests received a unique link by email allowing them to access the e-Conciergerie. From now on, you can also adapt the tool to make it accessible from a QR Code that you will display in the room, for example. Forget about the difficulties of digitizing your Room Directory, your restaurant menus, etc.!

29 Jun 2021

How much did your email campaigns generate?

Our tracking system allows you to know the revenue generated by each of your campaigns. But if the person makes a reservation with another email or even by calling the hotel, there is no way to know. Unless...
Some hoteliers have this kind of information and want to enrich the CRM with it. And it is now possible! We now offer the possibility to modify the tracking results by deleting reservations that have been counted by mistake.

25 Jun 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to the Micrologic Hotel & Restaurant management software!

18 Jun 2021

Groups are served!

Notice to groups: Easily analyze the performance of your hotels on the Guest Relationship tool through 4 new tabs: Email Acquisition, E-mails & Forms, Satisfaction and E-reputation.

08 Jun 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to ReservIt Channel Manager!

31 May 2021

Adopt Contactless Check-in

A step forward towards the Check-in of the future: Tpday, we give the possibility to hoteliers to register the access codes to the rooms of their guests. This allows them to send the room code to the guest by email & SMS upon arrival.

19 Apr 2021

They are here: the SMS!

A personalized and well-targeted email is read by an average of 20% of your customers.
A personalized and well-targeted SMS is read by an average of 98% of your customers.
Do we really need to say more?
The SMS tool, often requested by our customers, is now available and offers you dozens of new ways to communicate with your guests!

19 Apr 2021

A dedicated program for your direct bookings

Until now, you offered your guests a single benefit to encourage them to return directly.
Now, you can create different loyalty levels that automatically evolve according to the number of nights spent! This is a new reason to communicate with your best customers!

19 Apr 2021

New: the e-Concierge feature!

Gone are the days when you only offered your additional services before the arrival of your guests. You now have access to a fully customizable space that supports you in improving the customer experience DURING the stay.
Selling additional services, promoting your restaurant... The e-Conciergerie allows you to create as many tabs as you want!

19 Apr 2021

Let's go further in personalization

New Experience product alert: Just-in-time Messages!
We give you access to a new tool that allows you to create personalized scenarios according to each customer segment and available at 6 moments of the customer journey.

19 Apr 2021

Adopt the Acquisition module!

Capture users BEFORE they leave your website and offer them a chance to get a discount in exchange for their email address. After filling in their details, your future guests will instantly receive a unique offer by email.

29 Mar 2021

A photo gallery integrated into the Mail Builder

Often in need of inspiration to illustrate your e-mailings? We now have the solution! Our mail builder is now connected to Unsplash, the first gallery of professional photographers entirely free of rights. Help yourself!

29 Mar 2021

New connection !

We are now connected to the hotel and restaurant management software INFHOTIK!

16 Mar 2021

Your customized pre-stay emails

Create your own customer journeys before arrival. For the first time you have access to an intuitive, hotelier-friendly tool to create an infinite number of guest journeys.
Welcome your loyal guests, OTA guests, generation Y, happy customers, Japanese travelers in the way YOU think best suits them. Anything is possible with the CRM Experience!

08 Mar 2021

Segmentation library

A Segmentation Library... what is it?

You've written your first e-mailing and are about to create your mailing list. We now offer you several pre-established segmentation options, and you have the possibility of knowing the number of recipients for each of these options. All you have to do is see which one is the most advantageous!

05 Mar 2021


When accessing your CRM Experience statistics, you will now find a new page that summarizes the 4 key indicators of the tool: email capture, generated sales, number of emails sent and customer satisfaction rate.
Same thing for the groups: You will have this overview for all the hotels that make up your group.

On our side: We now have an overview of our customers. We can analyze their performance more easily, and contact those who seem to need advice to improve their business.

01 Mar 2021

New connection !

New connection added to our list: Inaxel software, specialized in campsite management.

15 Feb 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to StayNTouch PMS, a powerful, complete and intuitive software! 

15 Feb 2021

Your images... but better!

News on Experience planet! We have improved the quality of the images available in your email builder. In other words, all your images are now automatically optimized for the latest generation of Retina screens.

16 Feb 2021

Optimization of CSV imports

What if we told you that we had worked on a system to optimize your CSV imports?

By improving the management of potential errors in your imports, we increase considerably the deliverability of your campaigns.

16 Feb 2021

Award a GOLD Badge!

Imagine: One of your hotel guests is often passing through your establishment. So you give him a Gold Badge, allowing you to offer him a tailor-made service on each of his trips. Today, we automatically send this information back to the PMS (based on the PMS).
The little extra: These badges are determined in advance, so that they can be automatically assigned to a customer in due course.

08 Feb 2021

Performance report

Many improvements have been made to the performance reports we send you on a monthly basis. Number of emails sent, turnover generated, email address capture rate... Find all this information in your mailbox.

01 Feb 2021

Welcome to the CRM for Restaurants!

February 1, 2021 - Launch of our CRM solution for Restaurants
The year is off to a good start, isn't it? On our side, here's a big project that is finally seeing the light of day. If you are a restaurant, don't hesitate to contact us to start your E-mailing communication, set up real satisfaction surveys, and learn how to collect essential information about your customers, to boost your income.

25 Jan 2021

TripAdvisor Badge

News on your interface! From now on, any guest who has published a review on your hotel on TripAdvisor will be automatically identified and will be given a special "TripAdvisor" badge on his or her arrival form.

22 Jan 2021

Management of our customers

This time it is not about you but about us. Our developers have created a new tool that allows the support team to manage the users of the Experience solution on a single interface, in order to optimize the response time to the questions we receive.

15 Jan 2021

New connection!

We are now connected to the PMS Clock+!

02 Nov 2020

Review Incentives

A brand new interface is now live to inform you of incentive statistics for Tripadvisor & Google. You will be able to see the click-through rate of emails, as well as the number of Tripadvisor reviews collected by us and the total number of TripAdvisor reviews for the period!

30 Oct 2020

Marketing – Reply To Option

A new option has appeared! It is now possible to send a campaign from one email address and specify another as the “reply to” email. So when the recipient tries to reply, they'll automatically reply to the “reply to” address rather than the sender’s address.

19 Oct 2020

Marketing “Time Zone”

Before, the times displayed for planning an email campaign were only French times. This is slightly complicated for our international friends…
The planning of your campaign is now done according to the time zone of your hotel.

19 Oct 2020

Download the details of a campaign's reservations

Groups asked, and we responded!
You can now download the details of the reservations generated by your email campaign and then review the data in a cozy little Excel file.

15 Oct 2020

A well-placed rate code

This is yet another new feature very often requested by hotel groups!
Our developers focused on the ROI reporting of your campaigns. Among the enrichments, we now find the rate code of the bookings caused by the campaign. Useful, right?

14 Oct 2020

Ban a list of emails

Wave a magic wand on your mailing lists! Have you ever received a lot of emails asking to be unsubscribed from your lists after sending a campaign, with some of your recipients simply not noticing the unsubscribe button? Stop wasting time figuring out which list the recipient was on to manually remove them. You now have, at the bottom of the mailing lists page, the Ban a list of emails button. 

14 Oct 2020

Additional fields for CSV imports and more

Segmentation enthusiasts, you wanted to have even more fields for your mailing lists? Consider it done. Add the field you want to your CSV list! But wait, there’s more. You can now segment your CSV list directly in the campaign. You will now see in real time all the conditions that make a recipient appear on the list.

14 Oct 2020

Exclude a list of emails

It is now possible to exclude a list of recipients from your emails. Thanks to this feature, you are guaranteed not to write to certain customers, without having to check whether or not they are on the lists you have chosen!

10 Jun 2020

E-reputation – Prepared responses

New online functionality: prepared responses for your E-reputation!
Because we know that one of your daily tasks is reading and responding to comments online, we wanted to save you time.
In particular, you can now prepare standard responses, from a simple “Thank you for your comment” to more complex responses for a particular problem.
Each prepared response can be written in multiple languages. And it is super easy to use them: a drop-down menu is available when you want to respond to your customer.

08 Jun 2020

New connection!

We are now connected to a Channel Manager for restaurants: “Deliverect”!

"For restaurants? I thought we were talking about hotels here..."
Yes, we were, but many hotels want to take advantage of our options for their restaurants, so we adjusted! 

02 Jun 2020

Automation…. LAUNCH

Tuesday June 2, 2020: save the date
The launch of Automation is today! What is it exactly?
Automated email scenarios… at will, 5 types of triggers, an international database of events available, access to the automated email builder, new simplified template system, access to segmentation for each of the campaigns. A unique system with infinite possibilities!
Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for a Demo.

29 May 2020

More segmentation

Dear readers, we have put online 3 new criteria to segment mailing lists in Marketing.
Membership Level - Use this segment to deliver better deals to your most loyal customers.
Last Satisfaction Survey Rating - Write to travelers who rated your satisfaction survey.
Customer Department - Only available in France at this time; it allows you to specify a list of departments to write to or not to write to.

19 Mar 2020

Marketing import: The next level

Ah those CSV lists... This is not the first time that we have talked about them!
What if we offered you another solution to import your contacts into our CRM?
The new method: copy and paste a complete list from an Excel file, with all the columns you deem necessary.
The system then recognizes these different columns and automatically suggests them to you to best segment your list. Simple, right?

05 Mar 2020

How to?

How to deal with customer returns? How to create an email campaign? How to import a CSV file?
We sometimes run into these situations. You can of course contact Support, but what if you need an emergency response?
We now have videos to answer all of these questions! To view them, all you have to do is connect to the CRM and go to the "Video tutorials" tab at the top right.

20 Feb 2020

Fond of fonts

Your emails should always respect your specific style. But this sometimes becomes complicated, for example when your email builder does not have all the colors or fonts.
Not so with Experience! More than 1000 fonts are now at your disposal in our email builder.

17 Feb 2020

New connection!

We can now analyze and import data exports from TheFork, a company that acts as a booking engine and a portal for restaurants.

17 Feb 2020

New connection!

We are now connected with the HotelTime PMS! This connection will notably allow us to launch our first hotel in the United Arab Emirates.

17 Feb 2020

New connection!

ResDiary is an online table reservation system, designed by restaurant operators for restaurant operators. It has more than 10,300 restaurants around the world. We are now certified partners for ResDiary!

17 Feb 2020

Live bug monitoring

Scenario: you are navigating on our CRM and want to access a specific page but it's unavailable.
We know how painful this kind of bug can be. That is why we have adopted a new monitoring system. Now we are capturing the bugs that occur when our customers are navigating our CRM. We instantly receive a report of the event, correct the error on the fly, and prevent it from happening again.

29 Jan 2020

The emailing system is dead, Long live the emailing system

Our emailing system recently got a makeover!
First, we worked on our email deliverability analysis system. Now we have information on 99% of emails sent!
And those that are not delivered... Where are they going? Now you have the answer: Soft Bounce, Hard Bounce or Blacklist. This allows you to quickly take the necessary steps to sort your database.

We have also worked on the speed of sending your emails. Communicate with confidence!

28 Jan 2020

E-reputation Group – all hotels reviews

Until now, a hotel group wishing to have an overall view of the reviews of all its hotels had to go to the statistics page of each one of them. Tedious, right?

Well not anymore! Hotel groups now have access to their global e-reputation page, allowing them to have a precise view of each hotel's reviews.

26 Jan 2020

Answers to customers reviews statistics

Attention: a new statistics page is here!

How many email addresses do you collect per month?
This number has a major impact on the number of reviews you will then be able to get. And besides, how many of your customers are invited to write a review online? Head over to your new stats page to find out!

18 Jan 2020

CSV errors detail

CSVs ... ring a bell?
Unfortunately, CSV files sometimes bring unpleasant surprises: lines without email, others with a wrong address, still others that are duplicated, you get the picture.
Well, say goodbye to that! We now have a detailed page that specifies all the points for an import.

17 Jan 2020

Guest Relation Email

Before, we only offered a certain number of predefined emails like pre-stay, in-stay and post-stay emails.
For each one, we customized its content with you.
Now you are in control. Do you want to have 3 different pre-stay emails? The first one for your weekend customers, a second one for your Booking.com customers, and a third one for customers who stay more than 4 nights? Boom, you got it!
You also have the ability to customize the sending parameters of your emails, modify their content, customize segmentation, etc. And many other new and totally unique options.

17 Jan 2020

Duplicate a template to another hotel

Anyone can copy a campaign. How about duplicating a model?
You can now duplicate your favorite template for another hotel in your group. Simply click on the "Duplicate" button and then choose the establishment for which you wish to use this template.
It’s that easy!

13 Jan 2020

Marketing – Google Analytics tracking

Tracking enthusiasts, this new feature is for you!
Sending promotional offers is good. Knowing what they generate is even better.
You now have the ability to connect your email campaigns to Google Analytics and to follow the conversions generated.

13 Jan 2020

Responsive CRM

Now you can use the Experience Hotel CRM on your mobile phone!

This new feature is designed to allow you to quickly access all the pages of the CRM, while at the same time maintaining optimal readability.