Customer Data Platform
Your guest database centralized, cleaned up and segmented

All your guest information
finally centralised!

A complete and unified overview of your guest's activity:

  • Their contact details;
  • Their multi-hotel stay history;
  • Their satisfaction level;
  • Their preferences;
  • Their typology;
  • The services ordered;
  • Their presence on social networks;
  • Etc.

Take back control and get every guest's email addresses

"Thanks to the CRM Experience, in just 3 months I went from 28% to 69% of e-mail addresses correctly filled in on my guests.

This allowed me to generate 61 408 € via my e-mailing campaigns, and this only on the last quarter."

Xavier Delloye, Carlton Hotel


OTAs will never stop you from communicating with your own guests again! The Experience CRM provides you with 6 solutions to this problem:


Anticipate your guests' needs and retrieve any missing email addresses


You will save your guest time and they will give you their contact details in return


Contact your guest by text and encourage them to give you their email address again


The day your guest arrives, digitise your registration forms to get the last missing email addresses

PMS/Channel Manager

If you use our tool to analyse your databases, we can find lots of additional contact details for you


Day-after-day tracking of your guest database quality – you'll never miss an email address again

Clean-up of your guest databases

Information which has been scattered everywhere gradually turns into a useable, optimised database, increasing your revenue

Unique profile
Creation of a single guest profile

A database of unique guest details that centralises all the data pertaining to each of your guests

History recovery
Hotel | Wi-fi | Restaurant | Spa

Import of your existing databases and audit

Initial clean-up

Normalisation and restructuring of your customer data

Automated merging
Email | Phone | Other

Use of unique contact details (email address, phone number, passport number) to merge duplicate guest files

Hotel manager testimonials

Segmentation and highlighting of priority guests

We analyse your social networks, your PMS and all of your guest data. This gives you the perfect overview of the priority guests to manage each day.
Thanks to our all-in-one solution, our marketing tools then re-use this segmentation for your personalised email campaigns.

your registration form
and comply with the GDPR

All your guests come to reception on the day of their arrival. This is when you should get them to fill out a police form and sign the GDPR terms and conditions. Use our tool to digitise this process and get vital information about your guest's profile and needs.

Your future income begins
with a useable guest database