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A few days before arrival, guests receive a welcome email and a short custom-made survey to help them personalize their stay. Find out more about your guests and their needs so you can exceed expectations.

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Hôtel du Lion

"I can finally anticipate the needs of our guests and welcome every guest individually. Guest satisfaction guaranteed."

Nicolas Schaub


Our Digital Guest Registration Card is already pre-filled. Take a passport picture, electronic signature, and it's done.

A reality check for check-in.

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Hôtel de Suez

"I finally found the tool that speed up check-in, and front desk staff were using it immediately."

Michel Bonmarchand, Hôtel de Suez

Cancelling cancellations

Now that free cancellations are the norm, cancellation rates have skyrocketed. Our communications feature helps you anticipate upcoming cancellations by taking care of guests long before they arrive. Hotels who use our tools reduce their cancellations by 30 to 67%.

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Hôtel Arvor Dinan

"I recommend Experience Hotel to any hotelier who wants to improve their revenue."

Maxime Jullien


Understand your guests better:

  • the guests who want corporate rates for future stays,
  • the guests who are repeat visitors,
  • the guests who booked for long stays.

Knowing who is who gives you the insights you need to make their stay memorable and encourage them to come back. The more you know, the better the service and more importantly, the easier it is for you to exceed their expectations. That's the golden rule of guest satisfaction.

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Hôtel de la Porte Dorée

"It’s been a long time since I've been so immediately convinced by a hotel technology product." 

Christina Greveldinger


Automatically generate leads for corporate clients with our inbound system. It’s dead easy. Find new direct revenue streams that don't rely on third parties and, most importantly, don’t cost you expensive commissions.

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Odéon Hôtel

"Experience Hotel easily generates new corporate clients for me without needing to hire a full or part-time sales staff."

Yohann Benhamou


During a guest's stay they sometimes encounter little problems that make their stay less than optimum. Use our problem spotting module to find them early, fix them quickly, and avoid the most common causes of negative experiences, and negative reviews altogether.

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La Toubana & Spa

"Every month, I get alerted of a dozen or more hidden issues. With Experience Hotel I can now actually track them and do something about them."

Chloé Arnoux

Guest satisfaction surveys

Our Constructive Criticism surveys are designed to direct guests at doing just that, helping you find ways to improve guest satisfaction. Rather than dreading the moment you need to read guest reviews, you'll be able to pinpoint precise actions you can take to make guests happier.

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Hôtel Serotel Lutèce

"I've been able to improve my service quality but more importantly, I’ve been able to discover information that I otherwise wouldn't have known about."

Claire Chicheportiche

Rediscover your neighborhood

See your neighborhood through the eyes of your guests. Did you know that 42% of guests ask for restaurant recommendations? Make it count! With our local module, they can tell you about parts of the city that they discovered and enjoyed during their stay, helping you optimize your recommendations to guests.


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Hôtel Balmoral

"We're building an exceptional trust factor with our guests, a fundamental loyalty element for our hotel."

François Dapremont


Our Social Sharing module not only saves you time, it brings your Facebook page to life. Easily turn amazing guest reviews and local recommendations into posts on your hotel's Facebook page. Posts that help your followers enjoy their future stay even more.

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Hôtel de l’Europe

"We have reoriented the work of every staff to be primarily focused on guest satisfaction, which is crucial to optimizing our hotel revenue."

Nicolas Baur


Our hyper-personal emails are tailored to your guests according to their profile in Experience Hotel. We'll set you up with over 20 pre-made email templates that can be sent to guests based on past trends and requests, keeping you in touch with your guests all the time.

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La Toubana & Spa

"We're a lot closer to our guests than ever before, and in a much more personal way."

Chloé Arnoux


We offer a simple and easy-to-use interface to manage guest relations and communications. Reply to guest satisfaction inquiries, guest alerts, those pesky problems, corporate contract requests, and more. A few minutes each day and you're up-to-date with your guests!

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Hôtel Princesse Caroline

"Experience Hotel’s tools are really well made. I spend approximately 10 to 15 minutes in there every day and that's great considering how many guests interact with us."

Marc Lascaux


Propose the right service, at the right time. Our upsales function suggest the upsales right when guests are most interested. And about 40% of your guests will add to their stay by getting some of the extra services you provide.

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Le Grand Tetras

"Experience Hotel is very complete. Since we started using it, we've seen a real increase in ancillary services and a strong increase in positive reviews."

Jéremie GEORGE

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