An email campaign solution
designed for hotel managers

A creation tool
that is accessible to any user type

5.2 times as many bookings

Forget sending generalised emails to your whole database. Instead, opt for campaigns suited to your guests' profiles and get 5.2 times as much ROI.+

"In 2020, I made € 121,516 through my e-mailing campaigns. Thanks to this hotel CRM"

Francois Dapremont, owner of the Hotel Balmoral Paris ****

Experience Hotel CRM supplies you with over 30 criteria for segmenting each email sent:

Numerous segments
  • Exclude travellers with an upcoming booking
  • Only include travellers with an upcoming booking
  • Only include travellers currently in the hotel
  • Include the entire database
Segments for hotel groups
  • Send to all hotels in the group
  • Send to a single hotel in the group
Segments about the last stay
  • Last stay's price code
  • Last stay's channel
  • Last stay's segment
Segments about stays
  • Reservation date
  • Arrival date
  • Departure date
  • Lead time
  • Length of stay
  • Room category
  • Room number
  • Purpose of trip
  • Traveller segment
  • Comes to the town/city/region often
  • Arrival on this day of the week
  • Departure on this day of the week
Segments about email campaign activity
  • Campaigns received
  • Campaigns not received
  • Received campaigns not opened
  • Received campaigns not clicked
  • Open campaigns
  • Clicked campaigns
Segments about customers
  • Customer's continent
  • Customer's country
  • Customer's language
  • Total spent
  • Total number of stays
  • Total number of nights
  • Age
Our 34 criteria allow you to perfectly segment and optimise each of your campaigns.
Your customer databases
We build your segmentation
You send targeted and personalised campaigns

Calculate your income correctly

More and more emails are read on a smartphone, whereas the final reservation is often made on a computer.
The outcome is that you can't usually track all the turnover generated by your email campaigns.

Thanks to our tracking system, all the reservations triggered by your emailing campaigns are correctly identified,
whether they are instantaneous or after a few days, whether they were made on one or more different devices (computer, tablet, etc.).


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No time to create an email campaign?
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Analysis of your customers

Using all the information gathered about your guests, the CRM establishes continuous contact with them at key points you decide, such as on their birthday, on personal occasions, a year after they left your hotel, etc.

Save time

The CRM is smart and automatically maintains contact with your guests. Concentrate on the essential: the guests in your hotel!

Elegant email campaigns,

Personalised in the
colours of your hotel

Stop paying commissions
on your share of direct loyal guests