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Nearly 600 hotels use Experience and we are in the process of building market share internationally. Our customer relationship management solutions consist of 5 stages: collecting your guests' details, segmenting them in order to understand what they want, providing them with an extraordinary level of service, invite them to talk about your hotel online and finally ensuring that they maintain contact with you so that they become regulars in your property.

Experience was launched in November 2014 when three passionate hotel marketing professionals, who had worked in the sector since 2001, came together. Since then, our team has grown. New tools have been developed to enable independent hoteliers to save time while enhancing their revenue thanks to fully tailored customer relationship management solutions.


The Experience Team

Our 15 staff members are all experts in their respective fields: project management, marketing, editorial advertising, design, development, and sales. The Experience team primarily has a background in the hotel industry, because our values require that each individual fully understands the challenges that our clients face. The aim is thus to provide them with real and specific solutions to make their day-to-day operations easier.


Enterprise culture

Over the last 13 years, Experience's co-founders have supported independent hoteliers in their quest to obtain direct bookings and reduce the amount of commission payable. They have spent their working lives alongside hotel managers and owners and have finely honed their marketing strategy. After a number of years spent on the ground, one fact in particular became abundantly clear:

There was no complete, value-added tool to manage the entire customer acquisition process, from the first booking through to maintaining customer loyalty. A variety of disparate tools were available for the hotel sector, but none of them could claim to be an end-to-end solution or to generate consistent results. The only solution was to create one.

This short history explains our enterprise culture, which seeks, first and foremost, to deliver specific solutions to the current problems facing the hotel sector. 

Our office doesn't have a meeting room where we can spend hours debating possible future projects. Our R&D takes place in the field with you, our hotel customers. We watch and learn: we learn to care about what you worry about; we strive to solve your problems. This is the way in which we always set our future direction.


The hotel community

Because it's vital that we all move forward together, Tony Loeb, one of Experience's co-founders, regularly gives free hotel marketing seminars and runs a blog where he shares his analyses of the market, at blog.experience-hotel.com As he, himself, has said: 

"I have the benefit of almost fifteen years' experience in hotel marketing. I couldn't bring myself to pick up all these tips and so much good advice without allowing my hotelier friends to benefit from them. While my seminars and articles certainly benefit hoteliers, I also gain an advantage. Their businesses will do better and, of course, I'll be delighted. Consequently, all their suppliers will also do much better. It's a win-win situation for all concerned. "

It is our firm desire that your hotel will be successful, and we sincerely wish to support you on the way to that success.

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